What’s better than a new challenge every week to have fun? That’s what we’re unveiling with this new update!

Silicon City gets a new community game mode: the weekly challenges.

A new goal each week

This game mode offers challenges each new week and their goals can change, such as:

  • Get to a population goal in the shortest time
  • Reach the maximum amount of citizens in a given time
  • Build a city with the most residential zones
  • Make the most money in a given time

You got it, the goal here is not necessarily to have a stable city but to reach the target, whatever it costs. Your strategy!

A new map each week

The Polycorne team will prepare you a new map each week. Whether it is a small island, an estuary or an abandonned city, you’re about to discover all the possibilities of Silicon City! 😉

All abord the leaderboard

This duet challenge/map is shared between all the connected Silicon City players (for now a Steam account is required). The weekly challenge starts the monday morning between midnight and noon (UTC) to end Sunday evening at 23:59. We keep the monday morning for any maintenance.

Your high scores are saved online in Steam’s leaderboards and can be accessed at any time. A worldwide ladder is now on and will restart for every weekly challenge.

Minor updates

Thanks to your feedback on our Discord server, we were able to identify bugs, so we could fix them and improve the game even more (rsdworker, Yanabamenara)

  • The savegame list loads faster in main menu
  • New building available : the marina
  • Use numpad+ and numpad- in FPS mode to increase/decrease the camera altitude

Bug fixes

  • Translation fixes
  • The city was not loaded when a savegame was resumed
  • The citizen finds available jobs more easily

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