Silicon City

Silicon city is a city builder game with a retro design with in-depth details about each citizens and their stats. Build your dream city bites by bites and wtach your citizen thrive. Enhance your city's economic wealth by adjusting your urban architecture strategy.



The player has to develop his town as the inhabitants settle there, get a job and generate a local economy. Many parameters are taken into account, such as the budget that the player must know how to manage by adjusting taxes or making social or economic decisions that will subsequently affect the lives of citizens. The latter will be sensitive first and foremost to housing opportunities and their ability to find employment, but also to the environment, which is influenced by industrial zones and green spaces. Traffic plays an important role and the mayor must be able to plan or adjust traffic and public transport routes as the city evolves.

This kind of game has existed since the 1990s, the biggest reference name being Sim City, from which Silicon City is largely inspired. Silicon City is quite complex in itself and the depth of the gameplay ranges from macro-management of municipal laws to micro-management of citizens. They live within a virtual city, until a natural disaster disrupts their routine...

Points clé


Unique citizens with personal tastes and preferences that will determine their dream jobs and behaviours.

In-game Twitter

Keep an eye on your citizens' tweets to improve their living conditions and grow your popularity.

Real-like traffic

With the integration of Rushhour, Optimize transports and prevent traffic jams

Data Focused

Access to layers of important data that link macro and micro-management of the city.


Challenge your friends, unlock bonuses and become the best mayor!


Try to achieve all challenges to improve your popularity and access new buildings.

In-game screenshots


Why the anticipated access ?

The first lines of code of Silicon City were written in late 2017. After a good year of development, the game is now enjoyable, gives a great idea of the potential and brings enough content for a fun beta testing. As this is a very independent game, the whole scope, including game design is subject to changes according to the early adopters and their feedback. The help and feedback of beta testers will be for us the best solution to help and motivate the game development.

How long before the official release ?

The original time frame for the development of the release version of Silicon City is expected of 6 months. Two more persons are also expected to join the team before the final release. Up to 6 more months (max.) could be added to the early access period depending on any ambitious features or in case of less-than-expected funding.

How different can we expect the released version to be ?

The final version of Silicon City will be as you'd expect it: a retro city builder focused on data analysis and micro management.
Even though as explained before the features to be made will evolve according to the community, here is a non-exhaustive list of the most anticipated features already in the scope:

  • Schools and education:
    Schools will raise the skills and education of your younger citizens, before they are in age to go to work. Older citizens will be able to visit museums, libraries and any other cultural buildings to evolve their taste, and increase their skill set. With a good budget management, education will be a fundamental tool to help your citizens lives.
  • Public transports and roads:
    Roads will become as more complex as you would expect, with multi-lanes avenues, one-way streets and customizable intersections. Public transports such as buses, tramways and metros will help your carbon footprint and your citizen's options to commute to work. Manage any bus stop, bus line and keep an eye on your budget to keep your street traffic less.
  • Tweets: Citizens will tweet about their lives on the new public social network. As a concerned mayor, keep an eye on your citizen's thoughts and you will find hashtags and relevant information about their opinion. Grant their wishes to get more followers before the next mayor elections. Watch the real-time trends on your city map to locate problems and solve them.
  • Budgets and ordinances:
    This new mayor control panel will take place in your City Hall once built. Here you will be able to manage carefully your city budgets and taxes. You will as well be able to agree or reject petitions signed by your citizens. These petitions will ask you to build specific buildings or simply sign ordinances which will most likely be in favor of your citizens against some extra money. Choose wisely to satisfy the most citizens and keep your budget out of the red. Many special building will be available for rewards.
  • Disasters:
    Hold on to your keyboard while your fate might not go in your favor. Pray for no casualties when mother Nature gets angry and sends fires and heavy storms. Hope that plane will not crash into your new office buildings.
  • Scenarios and Tutorials:
    A tutorial is to be developed to help first-timers with city building mechanics and game navigation. Some unique scenarios will be written to give mayors a campaign-like experience in pre-made cities.
  • Online ranking and achievements:
    There will be an online global ranking to show the best mayors out there, based on population, money or happiness. You can expect as well many cool Steam achievements.
  • Settings and configs:
    A proper settings screen is to be implemented to give the player more control over the video and keyboard controls.
  • More, more, more:
    More buildings, music, cars, infographics, 3D models and in-game charts.

What's the actual state of the bêta version ?

The game is currently stable. The core engine has been carefully though and developed in house for all the changes and any features to come. Right now, the player can create any map of his liking through the level editor and start the city. During the game, new buildings get unlocked along the city's rank. Today the buildings of the rank 4 are still missing, but the game remains playable and your city can grow without any further limitation. Features such as criminality, fire coverage and pollution are not yet active.

How much will the game be ?

The price for the final product might change a bit, but not significantly. The final choice will be set halfway through the beta time frame and after our market study. If the price would go up, any access to the game given will of course remain after game release. During the early access, a promotion is set to the original price to make our beta testing more attractive. Every 3 months the promotion is subject to change according to the status of the project and the new features developed.

How do you intend to bring the community into the game during the development proccess ?

Silicon City has an in-game feedback system where players can send their recommendations and share issues. This will automatically feed tasks to our project management system. Every community page and discussions on Steam will be carefully followed:
A game update and a public note will be released every 2 weeks during early access to keep everyone up-to-date with the project's status, ambition and milestones.

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