Once a week, discover one of the talents of the Polycorne team. The first one to open the ball is Jimmy.

What is your role at Polycorne ?

I’ve been working mainly on the terrain generation, the story chapter 02, the graphic settings control panel and the palm trees addition!
Currently I’m working on a completely new feature to the game, the weekly challenges, which mixes game integration and server management.

Why do you want to make games ?

What I really like about video game development is the ability to be very creative and to create what you imagine to be the best. Being a heavy gamer, it’s fun to be able to build a game that I will play. Video games are also part of my passions, which pushes me even more to be in this field. 

How did you joined Polycorne, what’s your background story ?

My goal is to be a cyber security engineer, I wish to be versatile and have a wide range of knowledge in computer science, and that’s what pushed me to join Polycorne. After graduating from a Scientific BAC, I went to an Engineering School in Paris for 1 year, then I arrived in Annecy in a DUT oriented networks and cybersecurity.

Being passionate about computer development since I was a child, I oriented myself towards studies that would allow me to improve these skills.

Besides that, I’m also passionate about sports, I do almost 10 hours a week, which allows me to maintain myself for a completely different activity, I’m in the military reserve.

What is your favorite game of all time ?

I think one of my favorite games is the GTA series. I’ve been playing it since I was a kid and I’ve always had a great admiration for the quality of the graphics and the storyline of the game.

I also enjoyed Sim City a lot, that’s what gave me the passion I have for simulation and management games.

What is the game to played the most ?

It’s clearly Minecraft, the fact that you can create an infinite number of games within the same game without much technical knowledge is just unbelievable and that’s what made me stay on this game for a very long time.

Do you remember the first you ever played ?

The very first game I was able to play was Sim City 4, closely followed by Age of Empire II. I was really young and I didn’t understand all the principles, but what I learned was that the creative aspect that we left behind in the game was really interesting.

One last word ?

I don’t regret this choice at all, Polycorne really corresponds to my expectations and I like the region a lot 😉

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