Hello mayors!
I’m very excited to finally announce this update of Silicon City.
It’s been 2 months since the last one. Today I’m going to introduce you to the newest updates and show the evolution that happened in the game.

Go Soccer Teams!

Once a soccer field or a stadium is built and has hired eleven players, you’ll be asked to choose more about your city team! Follow your team’s score against other cities and gain from your teams popularity and results.

Avenues and new road laying tool

The reason this update took so long is mainly because of the impact of the new road features. I was inspired by the previous software I made, to integrate a proper navigation system. Brace yourselves for the most major update given to Silicon City until today

It was the best opportunity to finally include the avenues as a new kind of roads in Silicon City. Avenues are a 2 blocks wide road that can connect to smaller ones from intersections.

Cars starts to go around town from working buildings, a hospital would pop ambulances and the fire station will send firetrucks in your city. Traffic is not managed yet (no traffic lights nor stops), so cars still go around freely but they will soon in the next update or the next one.

Navigation routes for silizens, cars and electricity

As you might have seen from the previous video about the merge of Rushhour and Silicon City (link), the game is now getting a new dimension into deep simulation: way finding and path navigation.

Electricity propagation within the city

The routes used in Silicon City also connects electricity. Power from your wind turbines or Coal plants will use the electric lines created by your roads and the buildings themselves.

Your silizens now follow more realistic paths to go from their house to their workplace. They will use sidewalks and crossings to walk around town. The further they’ll find a job from their house, the more time it’ll take them to go to work, and the less money their company is going to generate.

Building entrances

Some buildings are now subject to entrances. This only allows pedestrians to enters the building from one or more specific block neighbors. Make sure to place a road over there for an access.
In the updates to come, this will help making intersections with roads for cars entrances and better handle pedestrians paths.

The ideas of ‘hands’ to connect blocks to each others came from the roads themselves. Here’s an example of the connections made from road bits to each others.


Who’s the best mayor? Is it you?
Compare your best scores with Steam leaderboards. Have the most populated city of attract the most followers to rank up the ladder!

Click on the leaderboards button in the game main menu to see the best scores.

As always thank you for reading this, and also for your support, I look forward to see your feedback of the game. If you don’t have requested a BETA key, please fill your request here!


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